Brain Damage in Children

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A parent's love is never diminished, but if your child has suffered a birth injury, you will find your time and energy must now be devoted to seeking appropriate medical treatment, therapy, and educational assistance.

In the back of many parents' minds is the question: "Why did this happen to our child? Could this tragedy have been avoided?"

If you suspect that your child's disability is the result of a birth injury caused by medical negligence, you deserve answers. Contact the law office of Toliver & Gainer in Conyers, Georgia. Your consultation is free and without obligation. At our law firm you will find the legal allies you need to get answers.

Our attorneys have served as lead counsel in numerous birth injury cases resulting in serious disability from brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Thorough preparation has helped our firm achieve many successful settlements.

We take birth injury cases in Georgia and in other states around the country, including brain injury, nerve damage, hypoxia, shoulder dystocia, or cerebral palsy from:

  • Failure to properly monitor the fetal heart rate
  • Failure to make a timely decision to do a c-section
  • Misuse of medications during childbirth
  • Excessive use of pitocin, causing placental abruption
  • Improperly prescribing a drug during pregnancy that results in a birth defect

A Long-Term Plan for Your Child's Future

Parents know that they will not be around to help their child forever. One of the invaluable ways we help families is through the creation of a life care plan to ensure that enough money is set aside for the child's medical needs and daily care into adulthood.

Once you retain Toliver & Gainer to represent you, we will meet with your child's physicians to understand your child's future medical expenses and what accommodations and attendant care they will need to live as full a life as possible. We will tell you what we think a fair financial settlement would be in your medical malpractice case.

Our Birth Injury Lawyers

In addition to being an attorney, A. LeRoy Toliver is also a registered pharmacist and a professor of pharmacology. His understanding of medical issues helps him review medical information, work with renowned medical experts, and protect the rights of injured children and their families. To put experience on your side in court, contact our Conyers law office.