Hospital Liability

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Hospital Liability Claims Nationwide

As is the case with any business, hospitals and other health care facilities can be held legally responsible (liable) for harms caused by their own policies and practices, or the acts of their employees.

In practical terms, this means that when a patient suffers serious harm because an emergency room was understaffed, because a poorly trained medical technician gave them the wrong medication, or because a staff physician did not properly diagnose their condition — the patient or their surviving family members can sue the institution itself for damages.

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Experience You Can Count On

With decades of experience handling hospital liability and other medical malpractice-type claims, we know what medical records to gather, how to analyze medical files, what questions to ask and where to look for the answers. We also have the ability to assess early on whether or not there has been a breach of the standard of care in your case.

Hospital liability claims stem from various root causes, including:

Unlike many law firms that handle medical malpractice cases, we work with well-recognized, practicing physicians from the around the country who will give an honest review and opinion about your case. We find from our experience that jurors respond to these kinds of medical experts. By using credible experts to testify in your case, we help increase your opportunity of making a fair recovery.

Our attorneys always give hospitals and their insurance companies an opportunity to settle claims for a fair amount. And when they express a desire to enter into meaningful negotiations, we actively pursue that option on behalf of our clients. However, whenever an insurance company is not offering what we know from experience is full and fair compensation for our clients' injuries and other losses — we let our clients know that and do not hesitate to file a lawsuit when that's what is required.

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