Pharmacy Misfills & Prescription Mistakes

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Prescription Error Lawsuits Nationwide

By law, pharmacists are required to do a lot more than just fill prescriptions. One of the most important of those other responsibilities is to maintain a database of medical profile information for each customer. That information helps pharmacists minimize the risk of adverse drug reactions and make certain that new medications are not contraindicated by medicines that patients are already taking.

As a function of their job, many pharmacists are also required to fill anywhere from 400 to 600 prescriptions a day.

At Toliver & Gainer , we understand as well as anyone that no matter how competent, qualified or experienced a pharmacist may be, pull them in two different directions long enough and mistakes are inevitable. If you believe that either yourself or a family member has been seriously harmed because of a prescription error — call our Atlanta area offices directly or contact our firm online for a free consultation.

Experience You Can Count On

With more than 60 years of combined litigation experience to draw from, we have achieved record-breaking results nationwide and are especially well-suited to handle cases involving prescription drug misfills and errors. The reason why is that prior to becoming a lawyer, firm partner A. LeRoy Toliver was a practicing pharmacist and a professor of pharmacology. Today, Mr. Toliver is still a registered pharmacist whose knowledge and understanding of the realities of pharmacy work help us to protect the rights of people and families nationwide.

Our experience includes cases where patients have simply been given the wrong drug by mistake or where the pharmacy has inappropriately substituted a generic drug for a name brand drug. In others, simple decimal point errors have caused fatal and near-fatal drug overdoses. Increasingly, we are also seeing a lot of prescription errors being made at compounding pharmacies (pharmacies that make custom-made drug products).

We offer free initial consultations nationwide and are not owed anything for our efforts unless a verdict or settlement of your claim is achieved. Our attorneys can be reached in the Atlanta area at (678) 374-1034, toll free at (866) 920-1863 or, online.