Catastrophic Paralysis Injuries

Most spinal cord injuries result in some degree of nerve damage and paralysis. Although there are different medical terms based on severity and the areas of the body affected (quadriplegia and paraplegia being the most recognized) — every such injury has life-changing consequences for victims and their families.

With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Toliver & Gainer have the ability to guide you through the difficult challenges you'll likely face in the months and years ahead and pursue legal action against those responsible for the accident. Our task is to achieve results that will protect your future.

We represent paralyzed victims of negligence throughout the state of Georgia — and nationwide as well whenever medical malpractice or dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are involved. For a free consultation, call or contact our Atlanta area law offices.

A Long-Term Plan to Ensure Dignity and Quality of Life After Paralysis

When a client has suffered paralysis, brain damage, severe burns or another type of catastrophic injury, one of the biggest challenges a personal injury attorney faces is determining what resources will be needed to cope with the health care-related costs of that injury over the course of a lifetime and to provide for dignity and quality of life as well.

This is where our experience matters most. Having handled hundreds of severe injury cases, we know how paralysis injuries affect people, what resources are available to deal with these injuries and their psychological effects, and which health care providers are best-suited to provide our clients with the right kind of care.

Our reputation as effective trial lawyers helps us, as does the work we do with life care planners, accountants, economists and other professionals in thoroughly preparing our cases for litigation. This often leads to fair out-of-court settlements. However, rest assured that we will not hesitate to pursue litigation whenever the other side is not willing to provide a reasonable and just settlement.

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