Head & Brain Injuries

Atlanta Lawyers for Brain Injury Victims

The brain is the most complex, least understood organ in the human body. Because of that, the full extent of the damage caused by a traumatic brain injury (also known as a closed-head injury) is unpredictable and may not be fully apparent until months or even years have gone by.

It is also important to note that brain injuries can be caused by more than just penetration of the skull by a foreign object, or by a direct blow to the head. In fact, the sudden deceleration associated with car and truck accidents causes thousands of brain injuries each year.

If you have recently been involved in an accident, or someone in your family has, and have experienced headaches, difficulty staying focused or memory problems in the time since — see a doctor. Then, contact Toliver & Gainer — a prominent personal injury law firm that has successfully helped brain injury victims in Georgia and throughout the United States.

Experience and a Long-Term Plan You Can Count On

With hundreds of serious injury cases and more than 60 years of combined experience to draw from, our attorneys have the knowledge, skills and resources it takes to obtain fair compensation for these injuries.

One of the invaluable ways we help our clients is through the creation of a life care plan designed to provide enough money for your loved one's dignity and quality of life, as well as for the lifetime health care-related costs and other needs created by their injuries. We meet with physicians, life care planners and others to understand what those future medical expenses will be, and what accommodations and attendant care brain injury sufferers will need to live as full a life as possible.

At this point we can give you our honest opinion as to what a fair financial settlement would be and we can begin to gauge whether or not the insurance company is willing to enter into meaningful negotiations for a fair settlement. If not, you can feel confident knowing that our lawyers have obtained numerous six- and seven-figure results in previous cases and that they will not hesitate to go to trial on your behalf.

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