Serious Neck Injuries

Neck Injury? Get Strong Attorneys on Your Side

When one of their policyholders is responsible for a car accident or another type of event that causes a serious neck injury for someone else, insurance company adjustors are often quick to make the victim a "fair and generous" settlement offer. Unfortunately, what the adjustor knows that most victims do not is that the initial effects of a neck injury may just be the tip of the iceberg.

At Toliver & Gainer , we know from experience that neck injuries can be much more complicated than they initially appear. We also understand that no two people heal the same or are affected by even very similar injuries in the same way either. But insurance companies don't seem to care about much other than their own bottom lines. We're not like them. Our bottom line is providing help.

Before you talk to the insurance company, contact us. We offer free consultations and represent injured people throughout the state of Georgia.

Experience, Commitment and Results

Most of the neck injuries we see in our practice are the result of falling accidents or motor vehicle collisions. Some are very serious injuries that may involve broken necks, compression fractures or damage to the spinal cord and paralysis. Others, involving damaged ligaments and nerves or the strains and sprains commonly referred to as "whiplash" may be less serious but still cause very real problems for our clients.

Our concerns are to make certain our clients get the right kind of medical care and to maximize the compensation our clients receive. Having handled hundreds of serious and catastrophic injury cases, we have the ability to accomplish those goals. Our lawyers put clients in touch with the resources they need to get the right care, work closely with their clients' doctors and consult with other specialists as well.

This intensive case preparation and our reputation for effective trial representation often produces fair out-of-court settlements. However, when insurance companies are not willing to provide a reasonable and just settlement — our attorneys will not hesitate to pursue litigation and have a proven track record of achieving significant jury verdicts.

Give us the opportunity to meet with you and to help. We can be reached in the Atlanta area at (678) 374-1034, toll free at (866) 920-1863 or, online. Our consultations are without charge or obligation. You owe us nothing unless we obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf.